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My Childhood Escape from Communist Vietnam

By Son (Samuel) Ngoc Nguyen

And Christine Gianchetta Nguyen

Son was born in Hue, Vietnam in 1970, just 5 years before the fall of Saigon.  His family, supporters of the US Military and the fight for freedom, were forcibly “relocated” out of their family home into a completely un-inhabited area of Vietnam that became known as the “Economic Zone.” Son tells his story of escape from Vietnam as a minor and eventual resettlement into the US nearly two years later.  He and his wife of fifteen years live in Sandy, Utah and have worked to bring his story to life.

Son’s story is a reminder of the privilege of being born into freedom and shows us the risks a person is willing to take to be free.  During this time of world-wide unrest, this is a must read.

Son and Chris are available for speaking engagements, and discussing his story with young students and all people interested in the challenges faced by refugees.

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